1. How Much can I expect to spend?

Bottom line, you get out what you put in. Remember, WE aren't expensive, kitchens and bathrooms are expensive. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association Guidlines, a complete kitchen remodel will cost approximately 11-22% of the value of your home.

If your home is worth $350,000, expect to spend between $38,500-$77,000 on your kitchen. And, here's where it all goes: 

  • Category Breakdown: 
    • Cabinets = 35% 
    • Countertops = 15% 
    • Appliances = 20% 
    • Flooring = 10% 
    • Lighting = 5% 
    • Labor/Installation = 15% 

According to the 2013 Remodeling Magazine‚Äôs Cost vs Value Report here are a list of expected ranges for your kitchen and bath project:  

  • Kitchens 
    • Midrange Major Kitchen Remodel = $ 53,148 
    • Midrange Minor Kitchen Remodel = $ 18,195 
    • Upscale Major Kitchen Remodel = $ 106,309 

                   Above figures are for a 200 sq ft kitchen 

  • Bathrooms 
    • Midrange Minor Bathroom Remodel = $ 15,468 
    • Midrange Major Bathroom Remodel = $ 36,831 
    • Upscale Minor Bathroom Remodel = $ 49,468 
    • Upscale Major Bathroom Remodel = $ 69,909 

                   Above figures are for a 35 sq ft bathroom 

2. How Long will the job take?

3. which material is best for my countertops? 

4. What is the difference between a natural and engineered countertop?

5. Can you design my kitchen from a sketch i made? 

6. Do you use green products and procedures? 

7. What is your design fee? 

8. what is the difference between custom and manufactured cabinets?

9. can you match existing cabinets, countertops or tile?

10. do you do major remodeling?


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